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Family Budget Services!

Many people are faced at sometime in their lives with financial obstacles to overcome.

Family Budget Services, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing budgeting assistance, credit counseling and financial education to the individual consumer and families. Our dedicated certified professionals provide consumers with years of experience that ensures the success of the consumer's financial health.

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Credit counseling


Certified Credit Counselors of Family Budget Services, Inc. work with their clients to establish a sustainable budget and help determine which solution is best to become debt free. Continued support from dedicated certified counselors provides education and helpful tips to not only stay out of debt but how to increase their financial security.

Debt management


A debt management plan with Family Budget Services, Inc. will help reduce monthly payments, reduce interest rates, and help accelerate the process for becoming debt free.

Student Loan Forgiveness


Americans are more burdened by student loan debt than ever before. Family Budget Services, Inc. can assist with several student loan programs.

Community outreach


Family Budget Services, Inc. is dedicated to the education of financial literacy to the individuals and families, and the communities that their clients live in through neighborhood programs. Family Budget Services, Inc. proudly provides support to many companies, organizations, institutions, and associations, by coordinating and facilitating workshops and seminars.